The Accidents of Gesture

Monday, September 24th, 2012


You were wrong
you let hell invade you and you let me go
Love wants to be both gentle and cruel
You were a fool, you should have known

And would you wear berries in your hair
for this batallion of lovers?
And would you share this table
set among the stones of your brothers?

I thought I had no wish to protect you, to conquer you
But now I have turned to you
So leave death and come to me
You will see, I will leave no scar on you

For you were meant to be with me, here
For we are built, trained, conditioned to disappear
We shall stay in the shadows, in the meadows afire
as thieves for hire
And we shall remain invisible, for we travel light
For we do not rush toward the light
For we dance if we can with our eyes closed
all along the borders, all along the road

And we shall make our movements lighter
like the boys on the wire
To regain the joy and fierceness
of the essentiel man
Cool out here, beside me
cool out in the sands of Spain
cool out and wash yourself in milk again

And now you shall moan and you shall weep
and you shall loathe the other cheek
my friend, you can’t pretend to know life in every breath
to wound my pride, to envy death
you didn’t come up with this cure and rest assured
your longings never seemed pure
and each time I will come
each time I will be another
a sinner, a saint, your enemy brother
I shall make you say please
I shall have you on your knees

wir haben unsere Welt verloren
was übrig bleibt schleppen wir jetzt in Koffern
durch halb Europa
an alle Welt uns ausgeschenkt!
vom Leben unbesiegt
was uns eint ist der Verzicht!


Macabra macabra la pata de cabra

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